The Best Aromatherapy Massage Center Bangalore

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Aromatherapy massage. This form of massage uses essential oils that are added to the massage oil or lotion.  This essential oils are absorbed in to the skin, also, inhaling these essential oils through the nose is thought to promote beneficial changes in the mind of the client. People prefer this type of massage because it […]

Sandwich & Hot stone Massage in Bangalore

Sandwich body massage. This kind of massage involves two naked girls with a lot soapy cream/ oil/ water. This type of massage is not legal in many countries as it is against the ethics. It is normally linked with illegal sex. The person is massaged as a sandwich. The girls massage you at a time. […]

Body to Body & Female to Male Massage in Bangalore

female to male massage bangalore

Massage in Bangalore. Bangalore is geographically situated in India. It the capital of the India’s southern Karnataka state. It is estimated to have a population of around 8.42 million and a metropolitan of 8.52 million. However, a lot of business are carried on I this famous busy city, one of it being massage business. Massage […]

Aromatherapy & Deep Tissue Massage in Bangalore


Bangalore is one of the fastest growing city in India. Here we provide two best massage treatments which is Aromatherapy & deep tissue massage. Aromatherapy massage This type is similar to the Swedish massage only that scented plants are included in the massage oil. Also known as essential oils, they are extracted from flowers and […]

Shiatsu & Pregnant Massage in Bangalore

Shiatsu massage bangalore

From the beginning itself Bestmassageny provide various types of massage service in Bangalore. Like that, here we introduced two important body massage for ladies. Many spa centers provide female to male massage in Bangalore. Compare to that massage Pregnant & Shiatsu are more powerful and give extreme relaxation to your body and mind. Shiatsu massage This is a […]

4 Important Massage Treatment Everyone Must Take

If you are living in Bangalore, then you should take these 4 massage services. Contact bestmassageny to take all kinds of massage treatment. Thai massage This is a unique blend of assisted yoga, pressing massage and passive stretch. Thai massage is considered to be more energizing compared to other popular forms of massage. So to […]