4 Important Massage Treatment Everyone Must Take


If you are living in Bangalore, then you should take these 4 massage services. Contact bestmassageny to take all kinds of massage treatment.

  • Thai massage

This is a unique blend of assisted yoga, pressing massage and passive stretch. Thai massage is considered to be more energizing compared to other popular forms of massage. So to say, it is like you are doing yoga without doing the work as the masseuse moves and stretches you with sequences of postures. It aligns the energies in the body through rhythmic compressions. This aids in reducing stress, improving range of motion and improving flexibility.

  • Hot stone massage

As the name suggests, it is a type of massage that makes use of hot stones. Here, the masseuse uses heated, smooth stones. The stones are placed on specific points of the body while giving the massage. The basalt stones are usually preferred for this process. The warmth of the basalt stones provides a relaxing effect besides loosening tight muscles. Plenty of massage centers in Bangalore provide these kinds of massage in Bangalore.

  • Reflexology massage

This is a foot-based type of massage. According to experts in this type, all the organs of the body are mapped to the feet. Finger pressure on the hands, ears or feet are used to link the pressure points of the body to various internal systems.

  • Relaxation massage

As the name suggests, this type of massage prioritizes in helping an individual relax and allay from stress, anxiety or other stressing symptoms. This is achieved by smooth flowing hand movements and pressures exerted on the body. The intention of this massage is to promote general comfort and relaxation within an individual. It decreases tension within the body mentally and physically. It is highly popular as it stimulates the body to release endorphins and serotonin in the body.

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