Sandwich & Hot stone Massage in Bangalore


Sandwich body massage.

This kind of massage involves two naked girls with a lot soapy cream/ oil/ water. This type of massage is not legal in many countries as it is against the ethics.

It is normally linked with illegal sex. The person is massaged as a sandwich. The girls massage you at a time. This exercise make your muscles and bones to compress and stretch.

It is believed to postulate relieve and relaxation to your body and mind. Scientists have the perception that this type of massage improves your health. Bangalore people often take this massage. That is why Sandwich massage considered as the best spa & massage treatment in India.

Hot stone massage.

Hot stone massage is one of the therapy that melts ways tension, eases muscles and increase circulation of blood through your body and also facilitates metabolism activities.

It takes a duration of about one and half hours in each session of hot stone therapy. Placement of a smooth, water-heated stone at the keys parts of the body enhances deep muscles to relax. Many of the spa centers in Bangalore incorporate this massage with customized massage. Here are the some benefits of stone massage.

The direct heat of the stone penetrates deep inside the body making the muscles to relax thus the therapist can access the deep muscles layers. Full body massage and hot stone massage provide stunning healing and effective experience.

Still in the list if the hot stone benefits, it makes blood vessels to expand thus the blood can be pumped fluently throughout the body. Chronic pain is relieved by this type of massage.

People experiencing severe pain due to arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic conditions are recommended to have this type of massage.

However, people with medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, and blood thinning medication are advised to first check with their doctors first.

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