Shiatsu & Pregnant Massage in Bangalore


From the beginning itself Bestmassageny provide various types of massage service in Bangalore. Like that, here we introduced two important body massage for ladies. Many spa centers provide female to male massage in Bangalore. Compare to that massage Pregnant & Shiatsu are more powerful and give extreme relaxation to your body and mind.

  • Shiatsu massage

This is a Japanese form of bodywork that involves the application of localized pressure using the therapist fingers, hands or elbows. The pressure is applied in a rhythmic sequence along the body. Each point of the body is held for about two to eight seconds. The roots of shiatsu massage can be traced back to traditional Chinese medicine whose goal is to stimulate acupressure points thus improving the flow of energy besides helping regain balance. No oil or lotion is used during this therapy. It is an effective form of therapy for insomnia, sinus problems, back and neck pain.

  • Pregnant massage

Otherwise known as prenatal massage, as the name suggests, it is customized to expectant mothers in need of relaxation. Many women suffer from lower back pain and swollen ankles during their pregnancy period. In the later periods, massage offers a unique, safe and drug-free way to relief these effects. Since this type is sensitive, a masseuse with expertise and specialized prenatal knowledge with certification should undertake this procedure. See this video for more clear idea.

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For massage aficionados, massage therapy isn’t just a massage. It is a high level of relieving organization based on pressure, strokes, and stretching. Since its inception, massage has been valued as a medicinal and therapeutic practice. Certain techniques provide direct cure to certain ailments. The methodology depends on the massage technique used. Besides the ones mentioned above, other common massage types include the lymphatic massage, reiki healing, myofascial release, neuromuscular massage, sports massage among others.

The benefits realized from this form of therapy is also incomparable. This is due to the high relieving effects associated with the therapy. However, as mentioned in some types, finding an expert is key to the success of the procedure. The expert will find a suitable technique to apply for your condition.

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